INTERCARE HEALTH CENTER is a family doctor led practice that aims at delivering quality primary care services to the community for patients of all ages, from babies to adults.

Our medical centre is operated by experienced family medicine consultants supported by well-qualified clinical staff, medical practitioners and allied healthcare professionals in a modern and professional environment.

At INTERCARE HEALTH CENTER we will serve all your primary medical care needs ranging from Routine and Chronic Care, Wellness Management to Rehabilitation Therapy, Maternity Care and Podiatry. Our primary goal is a healthier, informed patient, who is our partner in their healthcare management.


Our mission at INTERCARE HEALTH CENTER is to provide high quality primary care in the community for people of all ages while promoting and educating active patient participation in the management of their health.


The trusted family member for all your medical needs


Patient Centric Care is the core principle that drives our values:

• Compassion
• Integrity
• Quality
• Teamwork
• Trust