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Speciality Therapy Lead
Qualifications Occupational Therapy | Sensory Integration Therapy

Paul, Registered Occupational Therapist with HAAD, EMA and AIOTA, qualified with Bachelors in Occupational Therapy 2005, has also attained Sensory Integration Certification run by the sensory integration network from University of Southern California [USC] and Hand Splinting Certification accredited by International Federation Society for Hand Therapists [IFSHT] which are the areas of interest to him.  He has attended numerous courses & workshops focused on Hand Splinting, Wheelchair Seating & Positioning Program, Neuro Developmental Therapy and Sensory Integration Therapy in children and adults.

His skill includes adult and pediatric Rehabilitation services and has experience in working in the UAE for almost 9 years, where he developed expertise in the field of OT in Autism Center & Al Wasl Hospital, Dubai-UAE [2007-2011] and led the Hand and Pediatric Therapy unit in ANHAR & BMNR, Abu Dhabi-UAE [2011-2015] overseeing day to day operations at the inpatient and outpatient services of Neuromusculoskeletal disorders, Neurological conditions, Medical-Surgical conditions, Orthopedics – Hand Therapy & Splinting, Wheel chair Seating and Positioning programs. Having developed a broad range of experiences over a 10 years period of working in INDIA & UAE, his major experience includes working with patients having neurological, cognitive, and sensory deficits, neuromuscular disorders, hand therapy, back pain, work related musculoskeletal injuries.

His involvement extends to working with the pediatric population (ages 0-16) in evaluating and treating children with developmental delays, sensory processing disorders, handwriting difficulties and fine motor coordination deficits.

Paul’s participation and training encompasses providing direct (individual and group) therapy including gross and fine-motor functioning, visual-perceptual motor skills, and activities of daily living for age appropriate tasks. Some of his key strengths include Hand Splinting, Special Seating assessments, Developmental Delay Management, conducting Standardized Assessments, Assistive or adaptive technology, Home visits and Accessibility. As a recognized expert in his field, he actively participates in international conferences to stay current with the latest developmental process and is passionate about his field of expertise.

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