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Qualifications Nutrition & Lifestyle Consultant

Helen is a UAE based nutrition and lifestyle consultant with a BSc in Physiology from the University of Glasgow and a  Masters in Dietetics from Glasgow Caledonian University (2011), she is a UK registered dietitian and member of the British Dietetic Association. Helen has enjoyed working both in the UK and the UAE supporting and advising individuals to achieve optimum wellbeing through revolutionizing lifestyles and dietary habits.

Helen has masters level qualification in Behavior Change and is passionate about increasing motivation and promoting achievable goals in a friendly, approachable environment. Further training and experience also includes sports nutrition, disordered eating and diabetes control. Helen has 6 years experience working within the UK national health service in both health promotion and supporting chronic conditions, she has helped develop successful public services in the area of nutritional supplementation and weight management. She has also worked within UK local government as an advisor on school food education and provision and is a twice published author on improving food choices in adolescents.

Helen enjoys leading an active lifestyle, cooking, socialising and sunshine.

Helen McLeod Dodd (MSc)
Nutrition & Lifestyle Consultant

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