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We believe that a great birth experience has nothing to do with luck but with wise childb1nh preparation and education as this is the most important time in any woman’s life, the start of her family.

Our course covers all aspects of the pregnancy and birthing journey comprising of 4 x 3 hour classes ending in a Celebratory Circle meet-up after the birth of the baby at around 6 weeks postnatal to conclude the programme.

Our classes have a lot of content and practical aspects to help integrate the relaxation exercises and make the learning more relevant Fathers are encouraged to actively participate if they choose.

Creating your special pregnancy
Lesson 1
Section 1: Introduction and Connecting
Section 2: Discussion Session
Section 3: Nutrition and Pregnancy
Section 4: What’s going on in your Body?
Section 5: Anatomy of your Amazing Uterus
Section 6: Dealing with Pregnancy Symptoms
Section 7: Relaxation and Visualization, the power of your thoughts
Section 8: Drawing with the Right Side of the Brain
Empowered fear – free birth
Lesson 3
Section 1: What to ask when touring the Hospital or Birthing Center
Section 2: What to take with you to the Hospital or Birthing Center
Section 3: Optimal Fetal Positioning
Section 4: Keeping your Baby in Optimal Position and Avoiding Posterior Position
Section 5: Cardinal Movements of the Baby during Birth Stages
Section 6: Signs that your Birthing Time is Beginning
Section 7: Labor and Birth Stages
Section 8: Massage for Pregnancy and Birthing Time
Planning your enjoyable and comfortable birth
Lesson 2
Section 1: Introduction, Shanng and Practice
Section 2: The Physiology of Birth and Oxytocin Factor
Section 3: The Concept of Pain,How Fear Affects Labor (Fear-Stress-Pain Cycle Reframing)
Section 4: Birth Interventions
Section 5: How you can use Breathing, Visualization, Light Touch and Relaxation
Section 6: Comfort Measures for Birth
Section 7: The Value of a Support Person at Birth and Father’s Role
Section 8: Your Due Date
Section 9: Writing your Birth Plan
And baby is here – preparation and practice
Lesson 4
Section 1: Breathing Baby Out
Section 2: APGAR Scoring
Section 3: Baby’s First Hour
Section 4: Breastfeeding 1s best
Section 5: Baby Basics
Section 6: Getting Back on Track
Section 7: Postpartum Depression
Section 8: How Significant Others Can Help
Section 9: Vaccinations
Section 10: Closing Relaxation
Celebration circle
Lesson 5

Postnatal support meet-up sharing your birth and mothering experiences with Q&A