Rehabilitation Therapy

Rehabilitation is a specialty that help individuals to regain strength, relearn skills or find new ways of doing things, after a serious injury, medical condition, illness or surgery.

INTERCARE HEALTH CENTER provides high quality multidisciplinary outpatient rehabilitation services for adults and children with Neurological, Musculo-Skeletal and Developmental disorders to achieve their functional abilities, independence further improving quality of life.

Therapy Services offered:

PHYSIOTHERAPY: Our Physiotherapists treat individuals to regain strength, relieve pain, and restore mobility & fitness.

OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY: Our Occupational Therapists focus on improving a person’s ability to perform daily living activities, which includes sequencing and planning, arm and hand movements, and fine motor coordination.

SPEECH & LANGUAGE THERAPY: Our Speech Therapists treat individuals of all ages who are having language and communication problems to help with speaking, understanding, reading, writing and swallowing.